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Show Up. Let Go. Surrender.

you have the capacity to heal yourself
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I'm the creator and visionary behind Heal Yourself™ an in depth method using yoga, meditation, sound, somatic studies, shadow work and breath work to facilitate embodied healing. I'm based in New York City and bring my vast knowledge of studies in psychospirituality, philosophy, mythology, mantras, tarology, yoga and meditation through public and online classes, workshops, immersions and retreats globally.

My guidance helps my students find a deeper connection with their body and psyche as well as finding the light switch within. This empowers them to live life gracefully, with awareness and equanimity. That's my work in a nutshell... intrigued?

“We cannot change what happened, however, we can change our perspective to it in order to live fully here, instead of constantly there.”

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I created this course for anyone who is interested in beginning or amplifying their meditation practice. This program is a 7 day audio course which gives you a carefully curated topic to sit with for 20 minutes each day. Included are mantras and invocations as well as daily journaling promts to wake up anything that may be dormant.

The course will teach you techniques that will shift how you currently deal with specific emotions and ask you to look at unconscious behavior, habitual patterns and stories with a mindful, introspective and tender perspective.

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The overall roadmap of the practice is to lead all of us back home. This is where we remember what we have forgotten. The power of the forgetting affects the richness of the remembering.

Let me remind you of your inner light, what you have known all along: that everything you need is one mindful practice away and already within you. These classes range from vinyasa and restorative yoga to balance out yin and yang energy, breathing techniques to enhance your life force, meditation to soothe your anxiety, depression and darkness and especially your stress levels.

Practice with me from the comfort of where you are. A complimentary trial for your first 10 days will give you insight into possibility.

Mentoring for Spiritual Leaders

This program is created for yoga teachers who are seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills, expand their reach through their own unique and authentic approach and get crystal clear about their brand, message and most importantly, their mission.

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I've had the pleasure of being on some of the most eye opening and heart expanding podcasts. On these short yet informative conversations, I talk about my journey, my light and my darkness, and give you insight on how you can transform your life through various healing modalities with commitment, dedication and discipline.

Bi-weekly truth bombs, no fluff. PLUS, receive a guided meditation to enhance your vitality.