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Show Up As You Are

you have the capacity to heal yourself and your business
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I'm the creator and visionary behind the Heal Yourself Method™️ an in depth method using yoga, meditation, sound, somatic studies, shadow work and breath work to facilitate embodied healing. I'm based in New York City and bring my vast knowledge of studies in psychospirituality, philosophy, mythology, mantras, tarology, yoga and meditation through my livestream classes, virtual immersions and retreats globally.

As a spiritualpreneur, I believe that your conscious business is your spiritual awakening. Healing yourself and healing your business goes hand in hand. Thrive Accelerator™️ is a 3 month elite mentorship program for the teachers, healers, guides and leaders who are ready to make big money while doing what they do best, big transformative work.

The guidance of both of my signature programs are intended to help my students find a deeper connection within themselves and unpack the stored stories within their psyche, their body and their soul. Finding the light switch within empowers them to live life gracefully, abundantly with awareness and equanimity. That's my work in a nutshell... intrigued?

“we evolve exponentially in our darkest hours & what we choose to take with us once we see the light changes the course of our choices”

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Missed the livestreams? The on-demand replays are just as powerful. The Heal Yourself method will usher you to look at each shadow. No room for spiritual bypassing in these classes as they will invite you to look in the corners and cul-de-sacs of resistance, triggers and challenges. All you have to do is show up as you are.

The practice not only opens your physical body, but it opens your eyes. The veil of illusion (Maya) is lifted, truth (Satya) is welcomed and an energy of so be it (Swaha) is embodied.

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Elevate your message, brand and most importantly, your business. Learn how to make big money while doing big transformational work.

I help yoga teachers, healers, and spiritual guides understand the entrepreneurial side to their gifts, get clear about who they are serving, and launch their first online course profitably so they can stand out in the crowd, work with dream clients from anywhere and thrive in their online business.


Whether you’re a spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, therapist, artist, healer (the list goes on), you’re creating from the wellspring of the feminine. The feminine within you and the feminine of the Great Mother.

In this 21 day workshop, you will uncover what the feminine craves and needs in order to birth what is within her essence. And once birthed, how to nurture, nourish and expand her. For this alchemy to take place, you will need 1,111 seconds a day to connect with the feminine and hear her calling.

This is for the feminine who is ready to uncover and discover what is hidden within her shadows. Exploring many stories that may hold the feminine back in her business, such as imposter syndrome, not enough syndrome, and the deadliest... perfectionism. As well as many more that will be explored with integrity together.

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I've had the pleasure of being on some of the most eye opening and heart expanding podcasts. On these short yet informative conversations, I talk about my journey, my light and my darkness, and give you insight on how you can transform your life through various healing modalities with commitment, dedication and discipline.

Sunday Truth Bombs, No Fluff. PLUS, receive a guided meditation to re-wire your brain & breath.