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Raves From Meditators

I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, full of anxiety and found myself living in fear based on a past story that I had been holding onto. I found Bee’s meditation sessions online and as I sat and began to breathe through the meditation, I immediately began to release and let go of everything that had built up inside of me. Tears flowed. The breath took over. I’ve been practicing ever since.

Elizabeth Giardina

Bee is an incredible meditation teacher whether you are just starting your journey or looking to deepen your practice. She guides with steadiness and grace that helps you find your inner peace. I am grateful for how she has impacted my daily meditation practice, helping me reach a deeper space within myself where I am calmer and joyful. I recommend seizing any opportunity to learn from her beautiful soul.

Kristen Fletcher

I’m not sure I was eager to do the real work; yet without Bee’s dynamic kit of meditative tools, I’d still be scratching at the surface. She is the real deal, an artist at her craft and a catalyst for the individual and very personal transformation of her students.

Dan Fleischer

I have worked with many meditation teachers over the years, however, Bee has a unique style that is all her own. You will feel calmer, more present, and have many subtle realizations after each session. I highly recommend taking the time for yourself to tune in with Bee.

Courtney Clifford

Bee’s meditations are profoundly special to aid deeper mind-body connection. Peace and self-empathy are deeply rooted in her online meditations. From the start of any of her meditations, it is easy to recognize the positive spiritual connection she creates. Each word that she speaks radiates purpose to the listener and reminds the mind to let go of tension.

Derek Denz

Bee’s meditation classes lend themselves to opening my heart and mind with compassion, love and fearlessness. Each guided session encourages me to always be willing to return to myself and each precious, extraordinary and sacred present moment. All with an open, loving, courageous and compassionate body, heart and mind. Deep gratitude to you.

Socrates Gliarmis

After trying to develop a steady meditation practice over the last few years but never being able to maintain the habit, I attended Bee’s meditation gathering. She guided us through a beautiful meditation that helped me tap into the tools needed to deepen my meditation practice. Since that workshop, I have meditated every day and will be attending her guided sessions whenever I get the chance.

Bethany Tietjen

So grateful to have found Bee’s meditation series. It’s honestly been one of those practices that has been on my to do list for years. I’ve been unsuccessful in the past at making it consistent. Finally, through Bee, I’ve found consistency, confidence, and haven’t missed a day since. I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this my entire life. You’ve had such an impact, thank you, Bee.

Lorissa Snaith

Bee’s purposeful meditations have helped center my mind and body to arrive in the moment. With various breathing cues and mantras, Bee creates a space for both beginner and seasoned yogis to achieve the most benefit from their meditation. With Bee’s assistance I was able to shift the way I meditate and sit longer in my home practice.

Ashley Napoli

For many years I struggled to meditate and sit quietly. During a yoga and meditation retreat with Bee, I was looking forward to her daily guided sessions, it was such an exceptional experience. With Bee’s guidance I started to really enjoy and connect with the practice which created a big shift and focus on my inner calm. I have been meditating daily since.

Sonja Groh

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