Raves from clients

When a dear friend tells you her yoga practice is taking off, or better yet, really grounding – you start to pay attention. And when she then invites you on retreat to practice with the teacher who helped her get there, you go. That is how I first learned of Bee and immediately knew there was something unique about her. Throughout the retreat I was able to truly center and find balance, I was able to meditate and focus more than I was used to, and I even found I was able to move into poses I had not been able to in the past. Bee has a distinct voice making the practice both soothing and motivating. She talked me through new poses, encouraged me, laughed with me and praised me throughout. I now practice with Bee at least once a week at home thanks to her online classes through oneOeight. Her two dimensional version is just as powerful to practice with. From her instagram to her online practice, to long weekends on retreat, I feel I have found my teacher. I am grateful for Bee and all she has taught me. I am, even more so, grateful for the light she brings to so many.

Nina Weyl

I had practiced with Bee through her online classes, so I knew I would enjoy her classes in person. The price of the trip made me hesitate for a moment but I knew it would be worth it. This was the best money I've ever spent! I would highly recommend Bee's retreats to anybody. Even though her sequences were challenging at times, she made them very accessible. She is warm and caring and every time she spoke, it felt like she was speaking directly to me. Her classes have an authenticity about them that is very refreshing. My physical practice improved and I was able to express poses deeper than I've ever been able to before. I was able to go much deeper in to my meditation practice and hold my focus longer than before. I've benefitted emotionally in a huge way as I was able to identify some of my emotional wounds that were holding me back, and through this retreat, I was able to let them go. Thank you for providing me with an experience I know I will never forget.

Whitney Carver

I came in with zero expectations and just the desire to learn from Bee for a week on a beach and I was blown away. Bee weaved the day's and week's teachings into the classes so subtly and beautifully. At first I still didn't know what to expect, and loved the air of mystery with a hint of surprise. I was meditating without knowing it, and everyone was learning about the philosophy of yoga, chanting, self discovery, tapas etc. The mix of a strong morning practice and a slower, more restorative, evening practice was a filling balance. Beyond the actual classes I was struck by her poise and grace. She never stopped smiling, listening and quietly creating boundaries where they were needed, which I so admired. Honestly, the retreat was amazing.

Annaliese Godderz

I initially thought the week would be a get-away to a warm place with some physical yoga classes here and there. It ended up being so much more. My initial hesitation prior to going on the trip was traveling as a woman, on my own. I took a chance and it ended up being one of the best, happiest decisions I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend Bee's retreats to anyone that is open to and looking for a multi layer, profound and joyful experience. Bee has a very special gift and understanding of yoga in both aspects of the physical science and the mindful awareness. She brings this knowledge to each of her students that personally left me with better physical strength and flexibility, as well as a peaceful and a broadened perspective. This retreat ended up being a meaningful trip on so many levels. I connected to myself and found the tranquility and the quiet time I realized I've missed.

Sara Bekeles

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