Raves from past guests

I signed up to retreat in Bali after one class with Bee. She not only introduced me to my yoga practice, she opened me up to an entirely new world. She is a special person, utterly professional and an expert in listening to, and learning from the energies of the body, while also a warm heart and funny spirit you can’t help but feel lighter knowing. Bali is unlike anywhere you will ever go, and the retreat Bee organizes is truly a transformational experience, and the people attracted to such a place and purpose make for a unique inspiring group. You must go!

Campbell Schnebly

My time in Bali with Bee was amazing. Yoga twice a day was exactly what my body and mind needed. Bee taught us the tools we need to use in everyday life after Bali. I’m grateful for the one-on-one time I had with Bee as I loved getting to know her. I learned so much about myself on this retreat. I had baggage when I arrived in Bali, and I left it there. Since Bali my life has completely turned around all in an unbelievable good way. Everything I manifested in Bali is coming true and I keep using the tools I learned and life is simply flowing. I highly recommend this retreat because It’s life changing. Bali is such a magical place and I thank Bee for a wonderful experience.

Kelly Hoagland

Yoga retreats with Bee are something else. She’s able to graciously create a safe space and unique atmosphere where internal healing just inevitably happens. I have experienced so much freedom and a deeper connection with myself during several of her retreats. Bali is truly an amazing place for a yoga retreat. I found the most blissful moments being still in nature, waking up by the sound of the birds, being surrounded by all the elements, and seeing the sunrise from the rice fields. Magical things happen in Bali.

Laura Cano

As a practitioner for several years, Bali has been on my bucket list. I’ve practiced with Bee many times before and each opportunity has always filled with reflection. Her voice is soothing, comforting & encouraging. I was not sure what to expect, but knew that deeper work had to be done. Bee has a true gift & facilitated this unforgettable week to help dig deep within and combined her experiences with teachings from her various trainings; and it was fascinating to see how everything came together: physically, mentally and spiritually. Doing the work was raw and eye opening, but so necessary. I left Bali feeling lighter and returned home with a deeper curiosity to continue the work I started.

Tatiana Hernandez

I was encouraged to go to one of Bee’s retreats after my sister had returned from her retreat in Costa Rica. I trusted my sister and I was not disappointed. After a long flight, we were immediately greeted with a warm smile and a big hug. That is Bee’s essence. She really is what she practices. Her program was well thought out and researched and you definitely felt like you were on a journey not only to heal yourself but to return to yourself. I hope to return each year to one of her retreats and if I could, I would do every one of them.

Hiwet Samimi

I’ve been a student of Bee’s for a little over a year and Bali was my second retreat with her. Bee is an expert at what she does, so I knew I’d be in for another unique venture. Ubud was beautiful, and the backdrop to our classes were purely magical. The people are so kind and spiritual which really elevated the experience for me. I highly recommend this retreat if you are looking for peace of mind, space to think or to recharge and reset your life.

Sara Bekeles

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