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Raves from clients

I chose to have this reading, yet to be honest I was a bit of a skeptic. I was fascinated, amazed, and quite honestly blown away with Bee’s reading while being led through an experience of deep insight and direction. With ample time and conversation between each card, I was left giggling with excitement at times while at times I felt a very deep feeling in my heart of the mystery in its accuracy pertaining to my current life situations and the direction I needed to take. Bee was so humble, compassionate and empathetic in honoring the power of the Tarot. Her extraordinary level of consciousness and her ability to relay the mystery, wisdom and magic so generously left me amazed and astonished

Socrates Gliarmis

This was an experience like no other for me. It moved me and helped me to understand the path I am currently on. The reading went into such detail, which left me amazed with such clear insight. Bee has a beautiful gift when connecting with you on a spiritual level and goes on the this journey with you and makes it very comfirtable to open up. Unlike other readings I’ve experienced, Bee really takes the time with you to make sure all the messages are clear, which never made me feel rushed or confused. I highly recommend this offering to anyone who would like answers to their questions at their current state. I got my answers and now I feel absolutely amazing knowing what I must do, in order to achieve my goals in life.

Carri Brown

This was my first experience with Tarot reading with the intention of gaining guidance and clarity around the areas of my life where I felt completely stuck. I was absolutely stunned on how accurate the reading was of my current situation and hit the nail on the head to some of my deeply rooted issues. Bee provided amazing guidance and together we got to get to the core of the obstacles I was facing in the form of a conversation which made the session very interactive. After the reading I went through my detailed notes and felt extremely empowered to make the changes necessary to shift my psyche with a lot less fear.

Sue Skrobak

Receiving a tarot reading from Bee was a wonderful, eye-opening, and a reassuring experience. As explained on her website, the reading was not a fortune telling, rather, it offered great clarity into my life and helped answer a lot of the questions I had about my current situation. Bee was able to really get into the root of the most stubborn problems I had in order to understand them. Because of the reading, I was able to move forward with clear decisions, knowing that I am indeed moving in the right direction in my work and my personal life.

Jackie Garcia

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