RAVES from mentees

Bee’s mentorship program was the exact push and confirmation that I needed to finally leave my corporate job and dive fully into my love of teaching yoga and leading retreats. Her guidance, support and business mind provided me with the tools to get really clear on how I want to offer my services and further grow my business. Her insight and tips towards leading retreats and creating a career out of your passion were invaluable. If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, Bee’s Thrive program will be a beautiful investment towards your future.

Erica Stanzione

It is difficult to accept the healing process, and the time it takes, without thinking we are failing somehow, even being stagnant. The key is patience. Good things take time, and guidance. Layers unravel slowly, and manifest the unexpected, often abruptly. Bee holds a sacred space where it is perfectly fine to feel broken, lost, and depleted. It’s actually encouraged. She empowered me to release what prevented me from shining my brightest! She is a true guide—an unwavering beacon that calls us to shore during the storm.

Rose Mouana

The program has empowered me and benefitted me in so many ways. The structure of the calls and weekly homework kept me accountable. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to authentically grow their business. I got exactly what I needed and even though it was hard work. Through it all Bee was so supportive and at the same time, gently authoritative – meaning, when she told me what I needed to do and explained the benefit to my business, I knew I had to do it. Thank you for being authentic, gently powerful, and so supportive in my message. Your Thrive program was the kick up the arse I needed, there is no other way I can sum it up.

Twanine Nisha

Studying and learning from Bee was the greatest investment I have made for my personal growth as well as for the growth of my business. I learned how to stand out in the masses, find my niche, how to build life transforming classes, workshops, retreats and above all, how to create online courses as passive income. Bee is not only a say entrepreneur, but she is authentic. Learning that money is just a shift in energy was a huge wake up call for me. After just 3 months, what I invested in this program, came back to me doubled. My community started to change and I began to attract my ideal clients. Forever grateful.

Emma Anderson

Working with Bee has been the most beneficial part of my process as a teacher yet. She helped me own my knowledge and truly step into my power as a leader. Within the first two weeks of the program, I found myself shifting very quickly and started flowing with creativity as I discovered my most truthful and authentic voice. I would highly recommend this program to any yoga teacher who is serious about doing the work, and ready to dive all in. Bee will test you, and have you do things you are not comfortable with. I’m incredibly grateful for her giving me the push that she could see I needed. As the highly intuitive, sensitive, and considerate being that she is, Bee worked with me based on my individual needs. I walk away with valuable tools to strengthen my confidence and career as a teacher, and above all, a humbled and grateful heart.

Helene Sandi

The first time I took Bee’s class I immediately felt a deep connection to her as a teacher. Bee not only has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy but has a way of connecting to others that is far beyond the physical. Her way of teaching connects you to your soul. It is very obvious that her gift for teaching comes from an intuitive place and her words always have a way of touching my heart. I highly respect and see Bee as a strong confident and determined business woman. As a mentor, she is someone I look up to and has given me direction that has made my path as a teacher clearer. Bee helped put my ideas into action and held me accountable. For any teacher who feels as though they have hit a road block or are stuck with moving forward in their career, I highly recommend Bee’s Thrive program to elevate you to the next level. Bee continues to inspire me through her work, and is truly a genuine person with a kind soul. I will be forever grateful for her.

Rachel Ackley

Since taking my first class with Bee in 2014, I’ve considered her a mentor. She’s someone to look up to, not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a woman and professional. Bee’s presence alone inspires me to practice gracefully and intelligently. Throughout her mentoring program, my teaching and confidence as an instructor drastically improved. I clarified my goals and identified my unique message. Bee’s advice became invaluable and her mentoring program has the perfect mix of business strategy, yoga, and personal bonding. I felt in the most caring, influential, and knowledgeable hands. Bee’s focus and dedication make her an unmatched mentor. She empowered me to work and live authentically true to myself, which helps me provide the same encouragement to my own students.

Amanda Rose

Before the mentorship, I didn’t feel comfortable giving hands-on adjustments or dharma talks. Both of these were skills I wanted to improve on. After my mentorship with Bee, I successfully improved both of these. Now, I am so much more confident in these areas and teaching a transformative yoga class. I had one hesitation before signing up: I had never met Bee. I had fallen in love with her teaching style on and felt llke I had already known her as I had been practicing with her for years online. I am glad I didn’t let this stop me. Bee is so friendly, authentic, and approachable that it was easy to build a relationship with her without previously knowing her. The time spent with her in classes, during our meetings and assisting at her workshops was invaluable.

Julie Bottini

The mentoring program lifted my confidence as a teacher and as a person into new heights. One of the best guidance has been to get really clear on my WHY – why I teach and why I do what I do. How to put all the little ideas and plans into action to create the bigger vision. Bee’s experience and knowledge in business and mindful marketing has helped me to make my own business and action plan. Bee’s beautiful and authentic nature is so inspirational and I wish I lived in NYC so I could attend her classes regularly. I highly recommend the mentorship program to all the teachers who feel that they need a professional guidance to take their teaching career and business into new heights.

Karin Lilleberg

I wanted to learn how to empower others and Bee challenged me to dig deeper and find the tools that I had within to be able to do that. Starting from the drawing board, she helped me find my own identity as a yoga teacher. Applying theory into practice, she empowerd me to put my message out there even when I wasn’t sure I was “ready” and helped me unleash my own potential. One of the most incredible things about Bee is her deep wisdom; the fact that she puts in the work in her own practice and study makes a huge difference, and her vast experiences are relatable to all. More than anything, she’s inspired me to want to keep learning. Suffice to say, I started the program with a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve, and enjoyed working with Bee to turn that into a clear plan that ended up surpassing all my expectations.

Hana Alhashimi

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